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Our secret cutting edge artistry unlocks the visual beauty of these already superior grown diamonds, all without compromising affordability.


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The Shape of Brilliant® is a direct diamond brand dedicated to respecting the wonders of the natural world. With a heartfelt commitment and a touch of spiritual essence, we craft each diamond to perfection, creating timeless beauty that embodies our values, and worthy of symbolizing your love.

We are The Shape of Brilliant®

  • Craftsmanship & Quality

    We are confident that you won't find a better diamond elsewhere. In fact, we guarantee it. And if seeing is believing, get ready to see the light!

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    The truth is you won't find a better price for your diamond. Don't pay more for less. Get the best diamond for a lot less.

  • Care in Honesty & Integrity

    Trust goes a long way with an honest approach. We've proudly earned our customer loyalty through caring for each one like family.

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5C's of the Shape of Brilliant® - Buying Guide


Shape of Brilliant® Diamonds are only available in D-E-F Colorless or G-H Near Colorless.


You will only find FL Flawless, IF Internally Flawless, VVS1-VVS2 Very Very Slightly Included, or VS1-VS2 Very Slightly Included at the Shape of Brilliant®.


Based on the 7 factors of brightness, fire, scintillation, weight ratio, durability, polish, and symmetry, the Shape of Brilliant® Diamonds are graded only as Excellent - 3EX (GIA) or Ideal Excellent - 2EX (IGI).

Crafted Light Performance™

We create a premium diamond, expertly cut to a masterful achievement, setting these exquisite diamonds apart. Make Crafted Light Performance™ a prerequisite for a noticeably better diamond, only from your premier engagement diamond choice.

Certified Classification Type

The Shape of Brilliant® Diamonds are only Type II (HPHT) or Type IIa (CVD) certified.

We're actually referring to the scientific classification which determines the level or "type" of impurities of a stone. The purest diamonds contain only carbon, but pure diamonds are very rare. Trace element impurities can impact shape and color.

Type IIa diamonds have negligible impurities of any kind and are considered to be the most valuable of all. Some of the world's most famous diamonds are actually Type IIa. The Hope Diamond, the Cullinan, the Koh-I-Noor, the Darya-I-Noor, the Winston Legacy and the Star of the South are all examples of the superb Type IIa diamond classification.

Certainty & Confidence

Every Shape of Brilliant® Diamond is GIA or IGI Certified, with laser inscription and grading report.

These reports verify superiority and excellence, as well as chemical composition, creation method, classification type, and even Hearts & Arrows facet cut patterning.

Many of the Shape of Brilliant® Diamonds have dual graded light performance reports confirming superior light performance and with diamond mapping.

diamond size


Each of our round brilliant superior ideal cut diamonds have the expertly crafted hearts & arrows facet pattern, which makes any carat size you choose look much larger than any inferior diamond of the same size.

Hearts & Arrows


Ideal - Excellent - 3EX with H&A certified facet patterning.

Rarely achieved and perfectly proportioned, available in 57 and 77 facets of fabulous®.

igi or gia report

Certified Craftsmanship

Authenticity is always guaranteed. Your diamond comes with a leading certification of excellence and laser inscription. Many of our diamonds have dual grading reports verifying superiority in light performance with diamond mapping.

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